Gather Allies


1944. A group of American soldiers is guarding a fort in the mountains. Their job is to protect from enemies a priceless secret.
One night, however, they are caught by surprise and a tragedy happen. They are all shot dead except one, the officer in charge, who miraculously stays alive. His fate is sealed.
The enemy comes into the barracks ready to fi nish the work of extermination, but something does not go exactly right: the invader is not from the same age, but of a future age.
The precious secret, guarded by the Americans in the for- tress, it reveals an important project - ever - for a new weapon of mass destruction, which is necessary in the future.

Surprisingly, in 2157, the enemy turns out to be the “Church” with his army of followers ready to do anything to manage the entire planet under the false ideology of religion.




"GATHER ALLIES" was created by the original author (Riccardo Leto), in 2008, and his interest in film as a kind of affection to war.
The project, initially created as a short fi lm, becomes gradually more and more consistent, enhanced with suggestions and materials - even after a thorough historical research, inventions and discoveries of science that accompanied that time - until it reached the consistency and the importance of full script for an international feature film. In subsequent years there is a need to give written form to the matter, viewing the action in it contained through inspections in various parts of north western and northern Europe- morphology and landscape that are well suited to the environment - in search of suitable locations.“GATHER ALLIES’ becomes a feature film.

“ GATHER ALLIES”, born from the desire to expe- rience a movie type forgotten in the recent years in Italy, but recently valued in the rest of the world: the war. Project fully independent, “GATHER ALLIES”, which is the message of the survival of mankind in the future, and that is anchored with passages time and space contexts of war in World War II.
“GATHER ALLIES” is proposed for different markets: DVD home video, international festivals, series, fi ction. “GATHER ALLIES” have the opportunity to be developed in a comprehensive manner both during the writing of technical implementation.

On February 26th and 27th 2011 was made a teaser to give grea- ter visibility to the project and propose it to the international fi lm market. The initial phase with the inspections and the writing of the script, storyboards, set design research material and furnishings, the layout of the set choices of shooting modes, have benefi ted from the close cooperation of successful young professionals whose enthusiasm was created by a beautiful synergy.
Two days of continuous and accurate work to make the best choice among the many possible have created a product that, despite the favorable evaluations and assessments reported to date, proved to be more the result coincides with the original idea of suggestions that the author and director intended to convey.
All the setting material for the production of the tea- ser is absolutely authentic. For the “marconista room” was recreated ambience as much as possible to the original era.
For this purpose, use was made of the advice of experts in military history.



Questi sono due video test realizzati a Salice Terme e a Novegro nell'anno 2010 e 2011.
In questi video sono state raccolte informazioni, divise, equipaggiamento militare, e tutto il materiale necessario per la realizzazione del cortometraggio "GATHER ALLIES".




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